Diabetic Education, Glucometer Training and A1c testing

Take advantage of Main Street Pharmacy’s multi-leveled diabetes care program which includes free education on your medication, blood glucose monitoring, glucometers and alternative medications.

We will provide glucometer training and targets for blood glucose, as well as diet and lifestyle plans for newly diagnosed patients. We will work with your other healthcare providers (family doctor, endocrinologist, diabetes care team) to optimize your glycemic control – and adjust therapy if needed. We also carry a full range of diabetic supplies e.g. glucometers, tests strips, and needles as well as insulin pump equipment.

Our Services

  1. Glucometers and diabetic education provided in multiple languages.
  2. Education book for newly diagnosed diabetic patients.
  3. Free glucometers with the purchase of strips. Training is included.
  4. Diabetic health outcome follow-ups.
  5. A full range of diabetic treats are available for sale.
  6. Diabetes clinics featuring foot care, cholesterol control, cooking and nutrition demonstrations.

The Diabetic A1c test is a common test ordered by physicians that is usually done in a lab. This test can tell the physician and the patient how well their blood sugars have been controlled on average over the last 3 month period. This is an excellent tool to help the physician and the patient to get the blood sugar levels under control, and thus, prevent future diabetic complications such as neuropathy, eye problems, cardiovascular problems…etc. Although it is a great tool, many patients do not like having to take the extra trip to the lab and get a tube of blood drawn painfully – only to have to wait days to weeks for their results via another doctor visit.

Would you like your diabetic A1c results without the wait and hassle of going to the lab? How about avoiding the painful venous draws and getting your test done with a quick prick of the finger? At Main Street Pharmacy pharmacy, our certified pharmacists can test your A1c within minutes and provide a valuable diabetic consultation to help you remain in control of your blood sugars. We also can consult your physician with these results if medication therapies need adjustment. Call our pharmacy for more details!